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Design process:

Interior design is not just about having good taste. It is about having impeccable taste and the implementation of a finely-tuned 10-step process:

  1. Initial consultation to meet you and find out about your project 

  2. Preparation of scope of work 

  3. Fee proposal (based on scope of work)

  4. Kitchen and bathroom designs 

  5. Space planning 

  6. Mood boards (to determine the design direction)

  7. Design boards (carefully-curated options of furniture, lighting, window treatments and decor)

  8. Coordination of orders and deliveries

  9. Liaising with construction team

  10. Pulling it all together

Design philosophy:

All my designs aim to incorporate the tastes, personality and lifestyle of my clients. Expect to be asked many questions about how you really live. For example, are you empty-nesters who eat most dinners in front of the television or do you prefer to drink tea on the floor as in my modern Moroccan tea room?


I also listen to the space. The style of the building, the height of the rooms, the natural light, the flow, even the exterior; all impact the design as much as your taste and lifestyle.

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