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The "Reveal" of RMI New Office

After the packing, unpacking, painting, opening of wall to my adjacent office, ordering and installation of the wrong French doors, reordering and reinstallation of the right French doors, painting said doors (on the morning of the grand opening), assembling new furniture, etc. etc. we have FINALLY finished setting up (well almost!) our new offices in Pointe-Claire.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped make this happen - especially Promina Cabinetry for so generously helping to (literally) carve out my new office with French doors and Michelle Popock who painted the custom blue and white abstract painting for my office. And thank you again to JK and MP for their tireless energy, enthusiasm and assistance. I don't know what I would have done without these two amazing women!

A long distance shout out to Rische at Wayfair in Boston who made sure we received all of our furniture in (the nick of ) time. And thank you as well to Chris Cartier and his team for moving us and painting the new office and to his lovely new wife Liliana for making it sparkle and shine in time for the grand opening.

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